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Patient Compliance Monitoring


D/V has partnered with a provider of patient compliance and monitoring software for patients with congestive heart failure. D/V's technology is used to provide a continuous link between patients in their homes and their health care providers.

One module of the system allows patients to input daily symptomatic and weight information using their touch-tone phone or Internet access. Patient data is collected in a database that generates regular or exception reports to highlight status, trends and emerging conditions. Reports are sent electronically to prescribing physicians.

Information Center

A second module of the system makes relevant medical information always accessible to patients. The information includes protocols relating to medications or procedures, possible side effects, dosing, exercise, and diet. Information can be general or patient specific.

Remote Notification

The system is programmed to automatically dial out to remote phones and deliver a message, or send an electronic message to a remote computer. This can be a reminder for the patient to enter daily survey information, or about a change in protocol.


Patients and provider staff can leave messages for each other at times when they can't talk in person.

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