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Custom Data/Voice Solutions for Human Resources

D/V provides IVR and Web products and services to automate employee data collection, database file updates, and data reporting. For Human Resources Administrators, this technology is particularly relevant for employee surveys and benefit enrollments, helping to reduce paperwork and eliminate manual data collection and entry processes.

Automated Benefit Enrollments

HR administrators have told us they want to provide flexible benefits to their employees to help control benefit costs and to enhance work force competitiveness. However they anticipate, or have actually experienced, painful administrative problems and excessive costs associated with a manual benefit enrollment process. Many say the process consumes not only their staff, but personnel borrowed from other departmens.

They are tired of the large amount of paper that has to be prepared and processed, the frequent follow up that is required for incomplete or inaccurate forms, the excessive time it takes to manually enter data, and the disruption of normal work schedules during open enrollment.

They said they needed a way to make it easier and less costly to distribute benefit information, assure that the benefit selections and cost calculations are complete and accurate, and automate the collection end entry of the data in their payroll and HR databases. 

We provide those capabilities through an automated, cost-effective, rules-based benefits election process, resulting always in a substantial and quick ROI. Our technology is both telephony and Web based, integrated to a single database, and is available either as a hosted service bureau application or as a turnkey system.                                                                                               

You can access a Web demo at www.dv-tech.com/benefits-form.html.  



D/V implements IVR and Web surveys, either as turnkey systems or as a hosted service bureau application, to measure employee, customer, or patient opinions and satisfaction, to perform market research, to conduct exit interviews or pre-employment qualification, or for any other purpose where it is important to make it easy for people to make their views known. Our software is flexible so that almost any type of survey can be handled both quickly and efficiently and people can use either a phone or browser to access the survey on a 24/7 basis.

From our data center, we communicate results as data output directly to your database or as electronic or hardcopy reports. Real time access is available on our client access Web servers.

We also offer survey development consulting and customized reports. 

You can access a web survey demo at  http://www.insitefulsurveys.com/survey/index.asp?a=dsp_survey&b=s_1934-1^1&.

For an IVR survey call (877) 996-9232. You will be prompted to enter a survey code. For an Employee Opinion Survey, enter 12345. For an exit interview, enter 1234.

On Line Training: The Test Registry

D/V has partnered with a developer of customized educational materials for hospital and medical practice employees to provide a complete solution to meet annual mandatory safety training requirements. This self-study program includes performance measuring tests that are taken by toll-free telephone or Internet access to D/V's data center or by local phone calls or intranet access to on-premises systems. Participants are informed immediately of their results and the employing organizations receive periodic electronic reports covering all their employees. The benefits derived from the program include employee convenience, reduced overtime or replacement costs during training, and documentation regarding staff participation and competency for regulatory review. You can listen to a sample test using the interactive voice response demo by calling 800-837-7105 x127, or review sample training materials and/or take a sample test using the Web demo at www.dv-tech.com/info.html.


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